Ghost Spider S Counterbalance


Ghost Spider S Counterbalance

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Our Most Stable Tour Putter


Extensive testing with Tour professionals influenced every detail of the new Ghost Spider S – one of the most stable putters TaylorMade has ever created. In addition to its new, tour-inspired shape, the Ghost Spider S is revolutionary in terms of control and feel, delivering an off-the-charts MOI measurement of 6,030 -- dramatically higher than previous TaylorMade mallets like the Ghost Manta (4,900) and Corza Ghost (3,830).


The exceptionally high MOI makes Ghost Spider S extremely stable on off-center hits, and it also makes it easier to control the head and square the face to the ball at impact, a key benefit that has been consistently called out by the Tour pros who have put it in play.


We didn’t stop there. We explored ways to actually help you make a better stroke. The answer lay in counterbalancing -- the addition of weight to the grip-end to counter the weight of the clubhead. Counterbalancing increases the MOI of the entire club, making  it easier to keep the head “on-path” to help you start the ball on your intended line. We call this benefit “Stroke Stability,” and the feeling is so distinctive that a golfer can sense it immediately.


Ghost Spider S’ multi-material head (aluminum and steel) combines a white-colored steel-frame perimeter and top-line with a new, tour-inspired, non-transition black crown. The contrast between the white leading edge and black crown makes it easier to focus your eyes on the topline, making it easier to aim accurately.


  • 6000 MOI makes it easy to square the face at impact to start the ball on your intended line
  • 6000 MOI delivers tremendous twist-resistance on the backswing and off-center hits
  • 6000 MOI promotes phenomenal distance control for more one-putts and fewer three-putts
  • Heavy grip counterbalances head-weight to help you swing the head smoothly and on path
  • Tour-designed crown flows smoothly into the outer frame for less distraction
  • Black/white frame and single white center-line promotes focus, accurate aim and stroke awareness
  • PureRoll Surlyn® insert promotes incredibly soft-yet-solid feel and smooth roll off the face



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