1. A weight or force that balances or offsets another.

Using a heavy grip to counterbalance the weight of the head increases what we call “stroke stability,” giving you the benefits of a belly putter without the need to anchor the end of the grip against your body.

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Stroke Stability

No matter what length putter you favor – standard, mid-length or long – counterbalancing can help you roll the ball more accurately and with keener distance control.

The putter almost feels like it’s on autopilot when you swing it, the head swinging smoothly on an accurate swing path, resisting manipulation by the hands and arms.

The 130-gram grip (two times the weight of a traditional grip) acts as a counterbalance to the heavy clubhead.


PureRoll Surlyn® insert promotes soft-yet solid feel and smooth roll straight off the face.

moment of inerTia

Counterbalancing increases the MOI of the entire club. That helps you square the face to the ball and gives the head great stability through impact.

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