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Our new Ghost Tour putter line consists of four models – Ghost Tour DA-12, Ghost Tour MA-81, Ghost Tour FO-72 and the Corza Ghost, each refined to tour-caliber quality, each already validated on tour, and each offered at the remarkable price of $159. Compared to competitive putters in the tour category priced at $300 and above, we expect our Ghost Tour putters to command a lot of attention.


Ghost Tour putters all incorporate our PureRoll insert, made of Titallium alloy, to promote forwardspin to a smooth, accurate roll and acute distance control. The face area around the insert is milled for a refined look.


The crown color is a richer white than found in previous Ghost putters, with a hint of blue hue, and the paint is more durable. Of course, the flat white color of the putterhead offers two key advantages that we’ve all become familiar with.


Number one, the contrast of the white head against the green turf makes it significantly easier to determine precisely where the clubface is aiming. is a critical advantage given that our study of thousands of amateur putting strokes indicated that 65% of golfers fail to square the putterface to their target from 12 feet. The crown includes a single black alignment line at the request of tour pros for a cleaner, simpler look (with the exception of the Corza Ghost, which maintains three lines).


Number two, the flat white surface eliminates glare, making it easier to focus.

The DA-12, MA-81 and FO-72 all incorporate Movable Weight Technology in the form of disc-shaped weights in the sole that can easily be removed and installed using any TaylorMade torque wrench. These three models come equipped with two 15-gram weights, additional weights for sale separately include 2.5, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 gram. Corza Ghost incorporates two large, fixed 50-gram weights in the sole near the heel and toe.


All Ghost Tour putters are engineered with four degrees of loft and are equipped with a new model of Winn grip. Available lengths include 33 and 34” (both with 355-gram head) and 35” (345-gram head). A mid-length/belly version of the DA-12 will be offered as a custom option.

  • Richer and more durable white finish eliminates glare: high contrast with turf makes aiming easy
  • 6 tour-proven shapes: DA-12, DA-62, SE-62, MA-81, FO-72, Corza Ghost
  • Titallium-alloy PureRoll insert delivers crisp, clean feel and promotes smooth, accurate roll
  • Adjustable sole weighting (except Ghost Tour Corza)




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