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Wedges have traditionally been designed to specialize in two or three types of shots, forcing compromises in others. The ATV (All-Terrain Versatility) wedge was created to handle a multitude of shots, course conditions and swing types. Chips, pitches, explosion shots, out of the rough, off hardpan, on flop shots and bump-and-runs – the ATV sole is uniquely designed to excel at each one.


How the ATV sole interacts with turf, rough and sand on a wide variety of shots was tested thoroughly on tour and with computer modeling. Every curve, angle and nuance serving a purpose impacting the club’s versatility. And each ATV is subtly different depending on the loft.


Visually, the ATV sole is slightly convex (it bows inward instead of outward), and there's significant relief at the toe and heel. That reduces resistance and changes how the sole reacts with turf and sand, depending on how the club is positioned and how much the face is opened contingent upon the typr of shot being played.


You won’t find a bounce number on the ATV clubhead because the sole takes on different bounces depending on how you position the club for the type of shot you’re hitting and how much you open the face.



Equipped with Lamkin’s new wedge grip that extends farther down the shaft to provide improved traction when you choke down for added clubhead control. 

  • New ATV (All-Terrain Versatility) Sole lets you play all critical shots with one wedge: chip, pitch, flop, explosion from sand, out of the rough, off a tight lie
  • Bounce angle changes depending on how the head and face are positioned
  • New all-milled groove design and micro-texture across the face generates more spin within USGA rules
  • New Lamkin wedge grip extends farther down the shaft for improved traction when choking down
  • New Tour-Inspired shapes with a beautiful non-plated Tour Satin finish




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Wedges have traditionally been designed to specialize in only a couple types of shots, forcing a compromise in others. The new (All-Terrain Versatility) ATV Wedge has a radically advanced sole design to handle a multitude of shots and ideally interact with turf, rough and sand.

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